Despite their 130-year history, trolleybuses have not only withstood the test of time but have also evolved thanks to innovations such as additional batteries enabling off-grid driving. Emission-free and quiet, they can now symbolize sustainable urban mobility and a high quality of life in cities, alongside. Solaris, a leader in this segment, has played a significant role in trolleybus renaissance, having delivered over 2200 trolleybuses to 19 countries.

Date of publication: June 21, 2024

Today, trolleybuses operate in approximately 300 cities worldwide. Sometimes considered niche or even somewhat historical – many cities still maintain remnants of former catenary network as tourist curiosity. However, trolleybuses are proudly returning to the urban transportation scene as a reflection of modern sustainable mobility, proving to be one of the more effective solutions in emissions-free public transportation service.


Quiet and, above all, not emitting harmful emissions – this makes trolleybuses an excellent mode of transport in cities. These vehicles are a time-tested – over 130 years of history! – and reliable solution that today integrates more and more innovations, such as additional on-board batteries, In-Motion-Charging (IMC), and numerous electronic systems that facilitate drivers’ work and enhance safety.

With the introduction of these modern solutions, trolleybuses can be disconnected from the catenary network and travel beyond their traditional route maps. For operators, this means greater flexibility and allows them to draw new zero-emission bus lines in the city, previously inaccessible to trolleybuses.

This is why many European cities, from Prague, through Bratislava to Gdynia, are not abandoning trolleybuses, but instead heavily investing in their development, or even better – reintroducing them into their transportation systems, transforming them into effective tools for urban mobility.


Solaris is one of the leading trolleybus manufacturers in Europe.

The company has already delivered 2,200 Trollino vehicles to 19 countries. The manufacturer offers three trolleybus models: 12-meter, 18-meter, as well as the 24-meter, bi-articulated, which is the youngest and most spectacular member of the Trollino family due to its size.

Solaris trolleybuses can be found today in various cities across Europe, not only in the traditional trolleybus strongholds of Eastern Europe—such as Budapest, Sofia, Tallinn, Prague, and Vilnius. Plenty of Trollino models also run in Italy —from Milan, Bologna, and Rome to Naples and Cagliari. They are also known to residents of Bergen in Norway, Salzburg in Austria, Esslingen in Germany, and Saint-Etienne in France.

 In the article “Solaris Trollino: touring Europe” we described some of our special trolleybus projects. We invite you to read more about them! 


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