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Solaris is in the process of delivering 100 units of Trollino 12 trolleybuses, ordered by the Bucharest City Hall. This is a prestigious contract worth over EUR 60 million. Have a look at our trolleybuses on the streets of Bucharest!

Date of publication: June 5, 2024



In the last three years, the city has ordered 100 trams, 100 electric buses and 100 trolleybuses. The order for the trolleybuses will be carried out by Solaris.

„Bucharest is a big city with intense traffic. That is why our main focus is to encourage the use of public transportation, especially environmentally friendly options”,


explains Nicușor Dan, Mayor of Bucharest



The 12-metre trolleybuses are powered by a 160 kW traction motor and advanced Solaris High Power batteries, allowing them to travel up to 20 km at a time without being connected to the traction network. Traction batteries can be recharged either during operation (in motion charge) or overnight in a depot.

The comfort and safety of passengers was also a key consideration for Bucharest City Hall in the ordering of the environmentally friendly vehicles. All Trollinos are equipped with efficient air conditioning in the passenger compartment. On board, there is no shortage of monitoring systems, screens for the passenger information system and USB chargers that passengers can use to charge their mobile phones or tablets. The vehicles have a capacity of 90 passengers at a time, 25 of whom will have seats.

For many years, Bucharest has been gradually replacing its fleet with a zero-emission vehicles. Solaris is a proud partner in this change.

Bucharest is one of several cities in Romania that use zero-emission Solaris vehicles in their fleet – trolleybuses and electric buses. Since 2002, we have delivered over 700 vehicles to local public transport operators, including 260 Trollino vehicles and 210 battery Urbino electric vehicles. One of the largest contracts we completed in this country was the delivery of 123 electric buses for seven Romanian cities.

Solaris Trollino 12 in Bucharest


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