Solaris at #UITP 2023

Mateusz Figaszewski, a respected expert in sustainable transportation, spoke as a speaker at UITP 2023. As part of the Spotlight Forum session, he inspired the audience with his presentation on “Hydrogen – an alternative and new energy for emission-free public transport of the future?” 

Date of publication: July 26, 2023

It is worth emphasizing several important points that Mateusz Figaszewski raised during his presentation on “Hydrogen – an alternative and new energy for emission-free public transport of the future?” at #UITP 2023. 

The potential of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels is enormous.

Hydrogen is an incredibly clean source of energy. A hydrogen fuel cell only produces water vapor as a byproduct, emitting no pollutants. Furthermore, hydrogen vehicles have a long range, and the refueling process for hydrogen tanks takes only a few minutes. The growing popularity of hydrogen buses in Europe and the annual sales records being broken are inspiring and confirming that this energy source will be one of the foundations on which future transportation will be based. 


New, but proven technology

A highly significant aspect is the high efficiency of hydrogen fuel. One kilogram of hydrogen provides nearly three times more energy than one kilogram of diesel. This means that hydrogen-powered buses can travel much greater distances per unit of energy compared to combustion engine vehicles. For example, a hydrogen bus can travel about 13.9 km on one kilogram of hydrogen, while a combustion engine vehicle can only travel 3.3 km on one kilogram of gasoline. 


Urbino 12 hydrogen


Solaris hydrogen buses are safe vehicles equipped with the latest generation of composite hydrogen tanks. They are packed with electronics that are designed to alert any deviations from the norm. Furthermore, the Urbino hydrogen models comply with hydrogen permeability standards that significantly exceed the already stringent European safety regulations. 

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