Italian public transport operators on a zero-emission shopping spree.

Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Venice, Catania, Cagliari… Italy’s urban postcards, remembering ancient times and surprising with history at every turn, are today becoming synonymous with modernity and sustainable public transportation.

Date of publication: January 11, 2024

Examples of the purchase of several hundred modern and eco-friendly buses and trolleybuses placed by Italian operators in just the past few months are promising, also suggesting that Italy is becoming a leader in green public transport. These cities have chosen Solaris as their experienced partner in vehicle supply.

Many cities in Italy have recently decided to acquire a significant number of electric and hydrogen buses. The Italian metropolises see these modern solutions not only as benefits for the environment, an opportunity to improve air quality and reduce emissions, but also as a chance for the development of local economy and technology. As part of these purchases, almost 600 Solaris vehicles, all buses and trolleybuses emitting zero emissions and powered by electricity, will hit the Italian streets in the next two years. Investments in green mobility in Italy represent a substantial electric revolution.


Europe’s largest order for hydrogen bus

Bologna has placed the largest order in Europe for 130 hydrogen buses. The operator TPER has opted for Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen, of which 127 will serve traffic in Bologna and three in Ferrara. The hydrogen-powered vehicles will replace traditional buses, supporting the city in reducing emissions and contributing to the ambitious goal of decarbonising public transport by 2030. The order is scheduled to be fulfilled by 2026, with the first buses arriving in the city as early as 2024.


Hydrogen buses on the picturesque lagoon

Venice, a fascinating city for centuries, continues to invest in transportation solutions. The transport provider ATV has purchased 90 hydrogen buses from Solaris, which will operate on routes both on solid ground and in the lagoon area. Venice already has considerable experience with e-mobility, having electrified the Lido-Pellestrina islands with 34 Solaris electric buses. Recently, the first hydrogen models, 4 Urbino 12 hydrogen buses, joined the bus fleet. Deliveries of the new buses are planned from November 2025 to early 2026.

Solaris Urbino electric in Venice


Italy’s electrification giant

ATM Milan, one of the largest transport operators in Italy, has been investing in green public transportation for years. The order for 105 Urbino 18 electric buses from Solaris is another step by the city on the path of mobility transformation. There are already more than 300 electric buses of the brand in Milan’s fleet, and the city aims to have an exclusively electric bus fleet as early as 2030. This significant commitment includes not only bus purchases but also the expansion of infrastructure with smart charging points and electrohubs.

Solaris Urbino 12 electric in Milan


Green mobility in Sardinia

Cagliari, the picturesque capital of Sardinia, has ordered up to 98 modern Solaris electric buses. This strategic was taken by CTM Cagliari, the island’s public transport operator, as part of an extensive framework agreement signed with Consip S.p.A. The operator’s plan is to completely transform its fleet by 2026 and reach 80% level of electric vehicles within three years.


Increasingly electric

The Sicilian gem Catania continues the fleet modernization, ordering 42 electric buses from Solaris through the Consip S.p.A. consortium. This is another e-bus order made by the city. In progress is a contract for 18 Urbino 12 electric buses, seven of which already serve traffic in the city.


Trolleybus tradition and modernity

In the charming city of Genoa, the trolleybus system has been in existence for more than 80 years, facing both successful periods and challenges, including temporary shutdowns. To overcome rising levels of air and noise pollution, and to meet emissions reduction regulations, the city has taken decisive steps in 2019 to improve the public transport infrastructure and modernize the trolleybus network. As part of a comprehensive project aiming for a completely electric municipal fleet by 2025, the city ordered 112 Solaris trolleybuses and invested in building a new trolleybus line.

Solaris Urbino 12 electric in Genoa, fot. AMT Genova

The Italian bus market experienced a real boom in 2023 and grew by as much as 72%. One quarter of the total market is electric and here Solaris is the undisputed leader. With deliveries of zero-emission buses planned for the coming years, Italy is emerging as a European leader in sustainable mobility.

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