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This year’s Busworld 2023 was the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest addition to our zero-emission portfolio. Urbino 18 electric bus, with its improved design, marks another step in the development of e-bus technology. This zero-emission and extremely quiet vehicle provides both passengers and drivers with comfort and safety, while offering impressive ranges and great operability parameters at the same time. 

Date of publication: October 30, 2023



The Solaris Urbino 18 electric bus stands for the highest quality public transport. Featuring a new driveline architecture and the latest battery technologies, the Urbino 18 electric bus guarantees all-day operability and amazing efficiency. The bus which is on display is equipped with a 240 kW asynchronous motor and the latest generation Solaris High Energy batteries, boasting a high energy density, which, in turn, means a longer range while maintaining a low battery weight. The manufacturer offers carriers different configurations of battery capacity, all of which are roof-mounted.  Using the maximum number of batteries, with a total capacity of over 800 kWh, allows us to achieve a driving range of a staggering 600 km of zero-emission travel (based on energy consumption in e-SORT 2 tests). 


As with our other articulated platforms with zero-emission drives, the Urbino 18 electric can be charged using various charging modes. The basic solution that has also been applied in the bus on display is a plug-in socket placed above the first axle on the right side of the vehicle. Other available options include charging by means of a pantograph or an inverted pantograph lowered from the charging station. 


The bus stands out due to its new design which doesn’t include a conventional engine tower. Instead of it, the bus has been fitted with a modular driveline with components placed on the roof and in the rear of the vehicle. This solution maximises the passenger capacity, facilitates servicing, and provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to roof arrangement options. The maximum number of passengers that may get on the Urbino 18 electric bus amounts to 145 persons (for GVW 29t). 


The Urbino 18 electric bus fulfils all safety standards, including new GSR2 and cybersecurity requirements that will enter into force in July 2024 for newly-registered vehicles. The new design, combined with high-efficiency batteries, advanced ADAS systems, and safety-enhancing solutions, defines the Urbino 18 electric. And all of this within the dynamic and modern design that our company is known for.  


Is this our last word when it comes to the development of our zero-emission products? Absolutely not! Dariusz Michalak, CTO of Solaris, revealed the backstage of the next project during the Busworld fair:

„We are very proud of the product presented in Brussels at Busworld. We are currently working on a 12-meter bus, which will be built with similar technology. We are focused on operating costs, we are focused on reliability and durability, we are focused on TCO, but above all – on safety. Safety of passengers, safety of other road users”.  

The design of the 18-metre bus, with its modular drive and roof-mounted batteries, has been developed as part of the “Solaris Cybersecure Connectivity” project, pursuant to agreement no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0298/22-00, which is subsidised as part of the Smart Growth 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme, co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund. 

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