Bus Euro Test 2024

Bus Euro Test attracts the attention of the entire public transport industry in Europe. Organised by the Association of European Commercial Vehicle Industry Magazine Publishers (ACE), the competition aims to select the best city bus for the following year. This year’s edition took place on 7-9 May in Prague, where the jury carefully studied the vehicles in terms of their operational capabilities, innovation and passenger and driver’sp comfort. Solaris presented its articulated hydrogen bus, the Urbino 18 hydrogen.  

Date of publication: May 23, 2024

The competition for Bus of the Year 2025 title

In this year’s Bus Euro Test, five city bus manufacturers competed for the title: Daimler, Ebusco, MAN, Solaris Bus & Coach oraz VDL. The official Solaris candidate for Bus of the Year 2025 title was the Solaris Urbino 18 hydrogen. The choice of this model was no coincidence it is not only an indication of the increasingly visible trend towards the use of this zero-emission propulsion system, but also a reflection of Solaris’ position as the undeniable leader in hydrogen solutions for public transport. Hydrogen has recently been one of the most frequently mentioned energy sources when it comes to developing a zero-carbon economy. Interest in hydrogen-based zero-emission solutions continues to grow in Europe, including in the bus segment. This is why Solaris sees it as a fuel of the future. The manufacturer’s order book contains more than 800 ordered or delivered hydrogen buses. 200 of them already serve passengers in a dozen or so European towns and cities. 

Bus Euro Test –
what is it about?


During the competition, the jury carried out detailed tests to check various aspects of the buses’ functionality and performance. Acceleration, stopping distances and the overall impression from the driver’s and passengers’ point of view were all part of the test. Each of the competing models was tested in urban and suburban traffic on a route of several kilometers through Kladno, near Prague.  

The manufacturers had the opportunity to discuss the performance of the vehicles in detail and to answer questions from the jury. Solaris was represented by a strong team of experts involved in the design and development of this model. 

Solaris Urbino 18 hydrogen -
top-quality zero-emission urban transport



The main energy source in the new Urbino 18 hydrogen is hydrogen. The heart of the bus is a cutting-edge fuel cell that acts as a miniature hydrogen power plant. Hydrogen is transformed by the fuel cell into electricity, which is then transferred to the driveline.  

“The small number of batteries and the increased power of the fuel cell in the Urbino 18 hydrogen allow this bus to operate efficiently, even when carrying up to 140 passengers. An additional advantage of the fuel cell is that the vehicle is quickly ready for its next journey. Almost all the energy is stored in the hydrogen. All that is needed to continue driving is to refuel the hydrogen. Once refueled, the bus can travel up to 600 kilometers. There is no need for any additional infrastructure,”

Dariusz Michalak, CTO of Solaris Bus & Coach.  

Solaris batteries with a capacity of around 60 kWh serve as an auxiliary power source, used, for example, during acceleration as well as for energy storage. 




The vehicle doesn’t feature a conventional engine compartment as it has been equipped with a modular drive system with components placed on the roof and in the rear of the vehicle. This solution: 

  • Maximizes passenger capacity, 
  • Facilitates servicing, 
  • And provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to roof arrangement options. 

Depending on the configuration, the bus can carry up to 140 passengers. The latest model can be type-approved as a class II vehicle, which makes it possible to deploy it on inter-city routes.  


> 600 KM RANGE


Thanks to the hydrogen technology applied and an increased number of new, light hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 51.2 kg, the brand-new bus performs excellently on longer routes. It can cover 600 km on a single refill, while maintaining all the qualities of an electric drive (based on energy consumption in e-SORT 2 tests). Full refueling of the vehicle takes around 20 minutes.  


Bus Euro Test –
the results

In 2017, Solaris made history by winning Bus of the Year for the Urbino 12 electric. It was the first time that the title went to an electric bus. This year, we were back with another advanced technology it was exciting to be part of such an important event for the industry and having discussions in a group that shares our commitment to sustainable and emission-free public transport. We look forward to the results of the competition in September. 


Solaris Urbino 18 hydrogen at Bus Euro Test 2024


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